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Race Timing & Event Setup Prices 

Just TRI Athletic Events

Just TRI Basic Race Timing


Gets the Job Done!!

Up to 100 Participants 

$2.50 / Participant over 101-300

$2.00 / Participant over 301-500

Just TRI Basic Timing Package

Race Timing, The Big "Just TRI" Finish Arch, Finish Chute Flags, Cones and Flags 


Professionalize Your Race!

This package makes any race look top notch.

Give your participants a 'Great Race Experience'

Best for General Upkeep

Up to 200 Participants 

$2.50 / Participant over 201-300

$2.00 / Participant over 301-500

Just TRI Professional Package

Complete Event Setup

Mark the Course

Water Stations

Time the Event 

Deliver Results


Just TRI Complete Race Setup Service allows you to concentrate on what is important;

Gain Participation and take care of your Athletes!

Best for Busy Homes

Up to 200 Participants

$2.50 / Participant over 201-300

$2.00 / Participant over 301-500

Just TRI Complete Setup Services

Deposit for Just TRI Timing

Deposit for Services