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JustTri Dragon #6

Sunday, Nov. 25th

The 6th of our JustTri Dragon 7-mile run, 5K run, and 1-mile free fun run



JustTri Dragon Final

Sunday, Dec. 8th

Our final JustTri Dragon 7-mile run, 5K run, and 1-mile free fun run


I L​ove You Mom 5K

Sunday, May 12th

Celebrate Mother's Day with our I Love You Mom 5K or JustTri 7 Mile


Black Hills Triathlon

Sunday, June 16th

We return for another year with this fun and challenging triathlon


I Love You Mom 5K Walk/Run, JustTRI-7 Mile 2019 Dragon Series & 1 Mile Kids Fun Run

Mother's Day 2019

Our Dragon Run is a 7 Mile, Safe and fun Run that has challenging terrain, fantastic scenery, and an opportunity to show off the local venue. We offer a 5K with our event and a Free 1 Mile Kids run. Fun for the whole family, with refreshments. ​


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2019 Father's Day

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Dragon Series

Virtual Dragon Series

The 2018 Dragon Series is complete but you can still sign up and run and earn the Dragon Medals!  You will also receive the "Just Believe" JustTRI race shirt and swag!

The Information:

The 'JustTRI-7' aka "Dragon" is a 7-mile run.  It was held 7 times in 2018, the inaugural series.  The first part of the series - the Spring Summer Series was at Fort Steilacoom Park.  JustTRI created 7 very unique finisher medals, in which the theme centers around dragon style designs.  When Athletes complete all seven, 7 mile runs they will have completed the 2018 “Dragon”.

Each medal will showcase a version of the Dragon logo.  At the end of 2018, after completing 7 events, 49 miles, participants get to celebrate with a 1 mile “victory lap” and will receive a JustTRI “Dragon Series” medal holder.

Athletes can sign up for all 7-mile races individually or sign up all at once.  7 miles is just a bit more than the normal 10K, but far more rewarding.  All participants will receive a Dragon Medal and Matching JustTRI Finishers T-Shirt.

7 miles per race was chosen as the distance, because each mile stands for each letter of JustTRI.  The running events are meant to challenge runners and take advantage of the great running routes in Steilacoom Park and surrounding areas.  The courses will vary, but will all be good, solid running routes and make use of road and multi-use public trails.  

The trick to the 7 miles is to slow down, take your time and enjoy the scenery.  Dragons are tough, but you are tougher!  Slay your dragon and you can accomplish all your dreams!

5K Run or Walk

During each of the JustTRI-7 mile events, we will have a great 5K run course as well.  The 5K course will be relatively fast, but we do like to throw in a hill or two.  No worries, it will be very doable for athletes of all caliber.  Several of our 5K’s have included the steepest hills the venue has to offer, but these races will be fast-"er" and flat-"er" - as much as possible.  It will be fun for the whole family…JustTRI!

We invite the entire family to come enjoy the actives - JustTRI events always include various giveaways, refreshments and fun for everyone.

FREE 1 Mile Kids Run/ Walk

This a free event.  The walk is free, parents may join, pets: bring them along!  It will be fun and enjoyable.  This race will start at the same time as the other events.  Please note to receive swag participants must enter the JustTRI-7 or 5K!  Kids do receive a medal!  We do this because running is important, it's healthy and it's meant for families!  We make it fun for the kids!


JustTRI-7 Mile Run - Now available Virtually!

Virtual Race: $55

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Fall Winter Series Date and Registration Links to include the Virtual Series:

Virtual Dragon #4

Dragon #4 Virtual

Virtual Dragon #5 

Dragon #5 Virtual

Nov 25th, Fort Steilacoom Park, Dragon #6

Dragon #6

Dragon #6 Virtual

Dec 8th, Fort Steilacoom Park, Dragon #7 – (Series Final, Jingle Bell Rock)

Dragon #7 - FINAL

Dragon #7 Virtual

For all the exciting, challenging running and Triathlon updates visit:



Long Lake Park, Lacey, WA

Date: Father's Day, 2019

Location: Long Lake Park, Lacey, Washington

Event Start time: 8AM

Triathlon: Swim: 800M Bike: 12 miles Run: 3.1 Miles

Duathlon: Run: 8/10 mile Bike: 12 miles Run: 3.1 Miles

Events are USAT Sanctioned

Expected Participation: 300 - 400 participants & 75 for the Duathlon

Race Training Day:

June 9th, 10am - Noon, Long Lake Park. Swim Training, Transition Training and Kayak safety training.

The Black Hills Sprint Triathlon is the premiere sprint distance triathlon in the Pacific Northwest.  Test your sprint speed on this fast course.  The venue is Long Lake Park adjacent to the Thurston County Fairgrounds.  The swim is in the flat, calm waters of Long Lake, followed by an all right-hand turn, 12-mile bike course.  The run is a flat 5K with beautiful lake views.  We’ll have your favorite rock music, participant t-shirts and a one-of-a-kind finisher’s medal, In addition to, great swag, refreshments, rock music and a top notch USAT Sanctioned Race course. 


The Sprint Triathlon includes an 800-meter clockwise swim with a rolling start.  Swimmers will keep the buoys on their right and sight to large, bright colored corner buoys.  The water in Long Lake in very clean and calm.  There will be plenty of local volunteers on kayaks for safety.  Exit the water and run up a short grassy hill to the sound of up-beat rock music.  Enter the transition area which will be two long rows of bike racks…designed to easily and quickly get in and out.  The cycle course is now a 12-mile course – it’s not  completely flat, but it can be quite fast.  There’s one moderate hill to sprint up and the declines will give your legs a good rest and reset.  The 5K run loops back to the swim start, which gives friends and family a great chance to see your speed!  Get beautiful views of the lake and have a great finish right down the main entrance to the park.  Challenge yourself and speed through the course or build a relay team of two or three…either way enjoy this well-designed course.



The Duathlon starts by warming up with a short, flat .8 mile run out and back, then falls right in line with the swimmers entering Transition 1.  The rest of the course is the exact same course as the Triathletes.  Duathletes may have up to two team members or complete the entire course solo!


Packet Pick up:

Date: 6/13 & 6/14  (Thursday & Friday)

6/15 (Saturday)

Time: 4:00 – 7:00

Place: Thursday & Friday is TBD.  Saturday will be at Thurston Country Fairgrounds.

Please visit:



JustTRI Pro Staff


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JustTRI Athletic Events

USAT Level I Triathlon Coach

USAT Certified Race Director

Cleve Shaw

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JustTRI Course Director

USAT Level I Triathlon Coach

Total Immersion Swim Coach

Bethany Caldwell

(253) 302-0521

JustTRI Run Course Director

RRCA Certified Race Director

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